Let me introduce to you the Blue Line Festival presented by N.I.C.E. (National In Crowd Events) and Empire. The name "Blue Line Festival" comes from the blue line train which spans from Maryland to Virginia by the way of Washington DC, unifying the DMV area in its entirety. This is exactly what we plan to do with the Blue Line Festival. Through this event, we can bring together talent from the music scene such as established music artists and talent from the apparel & tastemaker scene such as lifestyle apparel brands, strengthening the scene in this area as a whole.

The Blue Line Festival will be held at the newly renovated venue "Empire" in Springfield, VA - coincidentally also the last stop on the aforementioned blue line. Empire has not only hosted the concerts of nationally recognized acts such as Curren$y, Big KRIT, Hopsin, but has also been the first taste of Virginia for artists like Mac Miller, XV, and many more. Empire is the go-to headlining spot for local talent such as Fat Trel and Logic and other up and coming artists in the D.C. metropolitan area.

We here at N.I.C.E. and Empire strive to give back to the local scene that has helped to create us over the past two years. Through our shows, we hope to create an environment in which the otherwise unrecognized talented artists in the DMV are able to showcase their abilities on a larger scale. With the Blue Line Festival, we hope to start an annual event that remains at the very least memorable and timeless.

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